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  1. Cassandra

    I love love love your designs! I have signature panty and the classic bra and they are so beautiful and simple – in the best way possible. Thank you for the lovely note and the attention to detail. I feel amazing in them and wish I had a pair for every day of the week.

  2. LB

    These are BEAUTIFUL in design and idea. I am saving up to get a set. Can not wait until I get to wear them and feel amazing and confident.

  3. Kaylee

    Saw this panties featured in a photo on Instagram without a tag and had to find out who made them! I am so excited to get my order. They look amazing and I love all of the detail you put into them. So so excited thank you!

  4. Lori Shackleton

    I’m not sure I’ve ever spent so much money on underwear but these are actually amazing. I feel put together, sexy, and don’t have the need to adjust any part of them under my clothes! Thank you for the thoughtful attention to detail. Worth every penny to get out of my GAP hipsters!

  5. lisa

    dearest greer, thank you so much for the lovely note you included in my order. i was touched by the personal attention you gave my order, and your products certainly helped make my honeymoon memorable. xo, lisa

  6. Alexis Millias

    LOVE these panties. So sweet to open the box and see the handwritten note, really did make me feel beautiful. Recommending to all my friends and blog followers… Will definitely pick up a white pair soon 🙂

  7. Eleanor

    Just received my order – smiled when I opened the box and smiled when I tried them on. Kind customer service and great product. Will be back to buy some black pairs soon! Best to you!

  8. Charlotte Woltz

    Hi love! Was just thinking about you and wanted to check out the site. Everything looks so beautiful. Drinks when i’m back in september!!!!


  9. Karen Huffman

    I just found out about these and can’t wait until you are back in stock!

    Overland Park, KS

  10. Nahuel

    Absolutely beautiful model. I think I’ve fallen in love with you Ariane. May you refer me to more of her work?

    1. Greer Post author

      I do ship to Europe, Katarina! There is a flat fee of $15, and the product is shipped via USPS First Class, which takes, approximately, 14 days to arrive in your country. The sizing is 1-5 and that corrolates to industry standards of xs (1) -xl (5). Women told me they did not want to see their “size” on their panties, so i’ve kept it subtle. Hope this helps! Thank you for your interest!

  11. Beth

    Your undies look wonderful! BUT, I am a black woman and if I wear white undies, they show. Are you going to make other colors?

    1. Greer Post author

      Beth, we got you covered! Introducing the signature panty in black in about 4-weeks. Stay tuned and please check back! Thank you for your support! You’ll love them!

  12. Karl Damkauskas

    I like the style….I have been following panty/bra styles for years,and nobody really made a hi cut panty like you do….maybe in the future when your business really takes off(no pun intended),you can expand into different colors.

  13. roberto teutli otero

    thongs have to be one of the very worst inventions in human history. the nyt article was exhilarating an full of hope for the future. please dont forget that the sinister thong also helped to kill the garterbelt

  14. Stacey

    I just saw the article in the NYT. I’m saving up for a pair or two! I’ll gladly support USA made…

  15. Bryant

    Nice running into you in NYC. Your line and purpose is inspiring. My neither region is looking forward to a mens line soon. Keep up the good sexy empowering work.
    love bryant

  16. Sandy Rivlin

    I absolutely loved reconnecting with you Greer (first met when you were 12!) and seeing what a lovely woman you have become – both inside and out! It was an absolute thrill to collaborate with you to photograph your undies. There is no doubt that your undeniable spirit, hard work and good taste will assure Hello Beautiful great success! xos

  17. Lydia Friedman-St.louis Cousin

    Dearest Greer,
    I am sure you don’t remember me,however I met you last at your Bat Mitzvah which was ever so memorable on many levels.
    What a joy to now read that you really have become the creative princess you set out to be at the age of 13
    Your website is truly as beautiful as you were back then.
    We are extremely proud of you and wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors!
    Lydia and Harvey Friedman——- St.Louis Cousins on your Dad’s side

  18. Wanda

    Your proud spirit and perseverance are showing handsome rewards. I wish you all the best and continued success and happiness with building your dream.

  19. Leslie Kane

    Congratulations on such a beautiful line. Lots of hard work and passion equals success.
    Sending our love,
    Leslie and Marcie

  20. Shannon Sperlinga

    Was gifted a pair of your wonderful undies and I just love them!! They are comfortable and beautiful and this is a fabulous venture. Best of luck!

  21. Betsey Brooks

    Your shop looks great! And OMGosh you’ve done it. Expand, expand. You have the eye for design.
    Congratulations to you!

  22. Terry

    Congratulations! What a wonderful job you have done…lots of hard work, with laughs and tears…and all worth it…you just keep at it…
    Love ya,

  23. Ali

    Congratulations, Greer!

    It is so inspiring to see your dream become reality…and I can’t wait to buy some undies!!


  24. Tricia

    it is clear that so much hard work and careful thought has gone into this beautiful product
    can’t wait to get myself a pair


  25. Erika

    Dearest Greer,
    I couldn’t be more proud! I remember when this was just a dream you spoke so passionately about years ago at Astor Place. Here it is, fully realized! I love you and miss you and will wear these happily.
    Can’t wait for them to arrive!
    All my best,
    NYC 2014

  26. Andrea DuBrow

    Congratulations, Greer!
    Love the website…ordered a panty and sent the site on to friends.


  27. Grand Dad

    My Dear Greer
    What a GREAT learning experience to bring a dream, a vision to a conclusion. Much more work and fun ahead but based on a solid foundation. I’m so very PROUD of you !!!
    Your ever Loving
    Grand Dad

  28. Merle

    Greer, am ordering my first pair right now and cannot wait to wear them. Congratulations on your perseverance and creativity.
    The Traveler

  29. Molly & Massimo

    Ciao, bella! Loved sharing this adventure with you and seeing it become a reality. Tanti auguri!

  30. Shelley

    Before encountering Hello, Beautiful, I’d never have thought of the words “lingerie,” “spirit” and “soul” as belonging in the same sentence. Yet – it all fits together (no pun intended) just BEAUTIFUL(ly) – love the concept, the inspiration, and everything about it. A perfect moment to celebrate – there will be many more to come! May all your garments be worn, (sewn, and sold) in good health. “Sie Gesunt!” XoX, California Cuz

  31. Renee Bejil

    My dear Greer, I’m so proud of you and wish you all the best. You mean the world to me. LOVE Renee

  32. BQ

    The website looks beautiful – a complete reflection of your sensibility! I never doubted for a minute that you would follow your dream. Congratulations, Bella!

  33. Wendy D'Ambrose

    Dear Greer: With your tenacity, intelligence, sense of what is right and fair, charm, and charisma I have no doubt that Hello Beautiful will be a resounding success. I will surely spread the word far and wide. With much love, Wendy

  34. Marcia

    Very impressive, Greer. I have known your Dad since we were in grade school, and he is incredibly proud of you! Great presentation. Best of luck.

  35. sarah


    These are gorg!! Excited to rock them and can’t wait to see what else you come up with.


  36. Julia

    Looks amazing, my dear! I’m so proud of you for pushing through the process, and I can’t wait to have my very own pair!

  37. sandy rivlin

    so excited, so proud of your perseverance
    and so happy to have been a part of the creative process with you!
    dreams really do come true when you trust they will

  38. Caryn

    Greer !! May your beautiful curiosity and spirit follow all your dreams from here forth… love and best wishes !!